Custom Metal Eagle Sculptures

I have had the good fortune of spending over 25 years in the sculpting industry and have made a name for myself by creating unique metal sculptures, including custom metal eagle art. 

Eagles are renowned for being among the largest and most powerful birds in nature, and as a custom stainless steel eagle sculptor, I try to bring their strength and beauty to life in my artwork. My large metal American eagle sculptures are especially popular domestically, with bald eagles, which are among the most beautiful creatures in the world, serving as the national bird of the United States. I have sold custom eagle sculpture artwork across America, including to customers in New York, Florida and Texas. What’s more, my artwork has been bought and featured across the sea, with pieces of mine showcased in India and Ireland, among other places.   

 All of my custom eagle sculpture artwork is one of a kind, and I bend and use all sorts of material for my creations. I sell my custom metal eagle art for all sorts of purposes; my pieces can be found in museums, public settings, real estate developments and of course on private property and in individual collections.

Whether you’re interested in a large outdoor eagle statue or something smaller for your home or business, I will work closely with you to bring your dream metal eagle sculpture to life.

If you have any general or specific questions about what my process entails or if you would like to have an eagle metal sculpture commissioned, please do not hesitate to contact me today